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What Our Customers Say About Us


"My health became so much better! The pain in my leg that constantly bothered me completely disappeared. I became more patient and calm. One month of treatment is like a real miracle."

L. P.


"My husband used OndaMed treatment to help him quit smoking. He received 5-7 treatments and was able to quit smoking. He used to smoke for 30+ years 15-20 cigarettes a day. After this treatment he experienced minimal discomfort related to withdraw symptoms. His psychological dependence on nicotine was reduced after the first 3-4 treatments, but he did have some difficulties adjusting to changes in social settings, but it was manageable. He told me that he didn’t have any urge to smoke even when he was driving the car with the person smoking. His personality seems to be changed, too- always being a very high-strung person with type A+ personality, he became much calmer, less irritable, and more content. During the treatment with OndaMed he followed diet prescribed by Dr. Kipnis and lost 10 lbs.
Overall, it has been a great experience for him with great results! We are very grateful to Dr. Kipnis suggesting and administering this treatment."

Sincerely, Y.H.


"My story started 14 years ago, when I was involved in an auto accident. A couple days later, I started feeling excruciating pain in my neck and right shoulder. I went to my primary care physician, and after an x-ray and MRI of neck and upper back I was diagnosed with bulged C4-C5 and C5-C6 discs.

From that day I went through numerous doctors. I frequented MD’s, chiropractors, neurosurgeons, and Chinese alternative medicine doctors. My pain never left me, not even for a single day. My right arm was always in pain with icy fingers, numbness and tingling. I went through physical therapy, neck extensions, chiropractic adjustments, trigger point shots, and heavy medicine.
Five years ago I was introduces to Dr. Lev Kipnis. By that time I was suffering from hearing problem in my right ear, constant neck pain, headache, loss of my right arm strength, and depression.

Dr. Kipnis didn’t promise me any miracles or a fast recovery but he said he wanted to help me. The first year my treatment was very intensive (3 times/wk). The results of my treatments were unstable; I was still taking painkillers on a daily basis. Then, gradually, I started feeling a little bit better; fewer headaches, more arm length, less tingling and icy fingers. It took me almost 4 years to get considerable relief from the pain. I’m no longer taking any painkillers, nor am I a candidate for a surgery anymore. Thanks to Dr. Kipnis I can work, exercise, dance, continue my education, take care of my family and myself, and enjoy life. I don’t feel disabled by my pain, and feel confident, and well enough to succeed in my job."

Sincerely, I.K.


"I have been struggling with trigeminal neuralgia for over 40 years. The last 10 years have been progressively getting worse. The attacks have been more frequent and stronger; medication was barely keeping the pain under control. I heard about ONDAMED and that it could help. I contacted Dr. Kipnis and started the treatment. After about 2 months my pain and attacks were gone. My medication has been reduced by 300 mg. Down to 500 mg. of tegratol. My experience has been a positive one so far."

N. A.


"Your office is like a treasure chest of miracles, because here they really know how treat one, not only with great professionalism, but also with a warm heart."

A. V.


"The "Life in Balance" program is a unique program that helped me to look at myself from the inside and understand what my body really needs."

V. C.

Our professional expertise paired with our cutting-edge technologies provide our clients with a therapy experience unlike any in Chicago Area.

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