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Being a Doctor - Studying All Your Life

The article was published in Russian newspaper "REKLAMA", July, 2018

Olga Arbitman - Being a Doctor - Studying All Your Life

Upon graduation from the National College of Naprapatic Medicine, for 8 years Olga Arbitman has been working as a doctor of Naprapathy at the medical office Health Box. Her medical career started 14 years ago at the same office were she had been working as a therapeutic exercise instructor, phlebotomist, medical assistant, and office manager. As a doctor she has been constantly in a process of upgrading her qualification by gaining more knowledge in the field.

We talked with Olga about irresistible urge to study and about health and profession as well.

Question: - What motivates you to continue studying?

Answer: - Profession of a doctor is very a demanding one and calls for constant advancement. Times are changing and that affect methodology, philosophy and approaches in treating patients. The new methods emerge which provide more efficient medical care for patients. Some times so called "difficult" patients motivate us to look into other possibilities of curing and to search for more upgraded methodology and devices. Therefore, it is necessary to keep oneself updated in regards to the most innovative achievements in physical therapy in the U.S.A., China, Japan, and especially in Europe.

Question: - And why especially in Europe?

Answer: - It is a well-known fact that European school of physical therapy originated way before the American one. Overtime, it has accumulated enormous scientifically proved experience in restoring healthy balance of the patients by employing a variety of such methods as ultra-sound, laser, thermo, and electro therapy, etc. Our office is notable for constantly acquiring and using the most upgraded medical equipment which speeds the successful recovery for our patients.

By widely employing such treatment as Bioresonance, laser, shock-wave therapy, computer diagnostic system we achieved highly efficient results in restoring our patients' health. However, our recent acquisition is the device invented and produced in America. It was invented by Dr. David Philips. The unique device was created to treat certain disorder which has become frequent, and called neuropathy.

Question: - Whom was this device intended for?

Answer: - Unfortunately, neuropathy is most typically the aftermath of diabetes, injuries, chemotherapy, viruses, and after surgeries. Neuropathy shows in numbness, in a loss of sensitivities or on the contrary heightened, even painful sensitivity as a reaction to cold or heat. This ailment may affect any part of the body, but typically it damages upper and lower limbs, especially fingers and toes, palms and feet. Based on a thoroughly designed methods this device provides impact on the nervous system in a way that restores its conductive functions, boosts blood circulation in damaged areas of the body and thus annihilating symptoms of neuropathy.

Question: - Can this device be used by the doctors only?

Answer: - Yes, and only by the doctors or health professionals who are certified and who completed a special training course. This device approved by FDA, is officially patented and in wide use in several clinics and medical centers throughout USA.

Olga Arbitman - Diploma

Question: - You are certified doctor. How long did you have to study?

Answer: - The program did not take a long time. I completed it in three months. The course is fairly intense and compelling. Upon its completion it was mandatory to take an exam. Now we are proud to pioneer the whole new trend in physical therapy, because there are still very few doctors practicing in this field.

Question: - You mean in your office you are actually treating pain syndromes?

Answer: - Yes, this is our major goal, but it does not exclude more complex approaches to other health issues. The first and foremost for us is an individual's health. We are looking into the reasons that cause current symptoms. To state it more presisely, we are concerned not only by isolate ailment we care about patients' health as a whole.

Question: - In your office you are practicing a variety of unique medical techniques. How are you choosing suitable treatment for each patient individually?

Answer: - That is how the doctor shows his/her qualification. When talking to a patient it is important to consider a variety of factors: other existing health issues, their lifestyle, type of job, emotional condition, the level of physical activities, the results of neuro, orthopedic, MRI, and X-Ray tests. All of the above data would serve as a basic in a process of selecting the most optimal treatment for each patient individually. Each course of treatment includes unique manual Naprapathic technique, active or passive therapeutic exercises along with proper recommendation on diet and usage of necessary natural supplements.

I would like to remind that the spectrum of medical services in our office is way broader than the treatment of the muscular-skeletal system only.

Question: - Could you please illustrate it with more examples?

Answer: - We offer programs on weight reduction, nutritional counseling considering health disorders for adults and children, free exams for children in regards to wrong posture, scoliosis, and flat foot, non-invasive rejuvenating, and facial procedures. The Computer Diagnostic system gains more popularity. It allows patients to evaluate their health conditions, to make proper preventive corrections on indicated health disbalances with additional recommendations on necessary treatment. Health is about harmony between physical and emotional conditions. Ailment's symptoms are the tips of iceberg, whereas the real symptoms very often are hidden deep in subconscious spheres and serve as an actual mechanism that triggers the disease. We assist not only patients physical disorders, but involving emotional disbalancing as well. For that we successfully apply specific techniques and procedure.

Question: What would you recommend to our readers, and how can they reach you?

Answer: They can contact us at 847-724-1777. Simply love yourself, enjoy life, and take good care of your health.

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