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Experienced Specialists

Dr. Kipnis, D.N. is a well-known specialist with more than 25 years of medical practice. Dr. Arbitman, D.N. is an excellent medical worker with wonderful abilities

New Technologies

We use the latest medical technologies such as radiofrequency for face and body and shockwave therapy

Complex Approach

At Health Box Clinic we use all the tools for comprehensive treatment and to improve your health

When Your Pain Needs More Than A Home Exercise Program!

Glenview, IL Expert in Pain Treatment and Holistic Medicine

Dedicated to Keeping Your Body and Health In Balance

Health Box Clinic is committed to providing the highest quality patient centered care in a warm and nurturing environment. We will optimize your ability to achieve your rehabilitation goals by empowering you to participate and take leadership in your recovery. Each treatment program is individualized and is based on the findings of a thorough assessment completed by the health care professional.

At our clinic, located in Glenview, IL, our skilled specialists are trained to quickly find the root cause of your discomfort and then promote rapid repair. We use the latest techniques.

We respect the value of your time. We help you feel attended to and relaxed when you visit. Whether you have a sports injury, back pain, or recent surgery, you’ll spend the least amount of time to get the greatest healing benefit. Then we’ll show you how to help yourself, so you’ll heal even faster.

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Our professional expertise paired with our cutting-edge technologies provide our clients with a therapy experience unlike any in Chicago Area.

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Neuropathy and Chronic Intractable Pain

When the sensory system is impacted by injury or disease, the nerves within that system cannot work to transmit sensation to the brain. This often leads to a sense of numbness, or lack of sensation. However, in some cases when this system is injured, individuals experience pain in the affected region. Neuropathic pain does not start abruptly or resolve quickly; it is a chronic condition which leads to persistent pain symptoms. For many patients, the intensity of their symptoms can wax and wane throughout the day.

Neuropathy and Chronic Intractable Pain

Weight Reduction Program

Nutritional Consulting - consists of a detailed dietary analysis, consideration of goals and how that will affect your performance and health. Based on this, we develop a supplement protocol if needed, general recommendations for dietary improvement, and if needed a sample diet plan for a week. Proper nutrition plays an essential role in a healthy lifestyle. Examining your diet and ability to assimilate nutrients also plays a vital role in maximizing your health. Your Naprapath assesses your diet and supplement intake to correct nutritional imbalances.

Weight Reduction Program


  • I have been struggling with trigeminal neuralgia for over 40 years. The last 10 years have been progressively getting worse. The attacks have been more frequent and stronger; medication was barely keeping the pain under control. I contacted Dr. Kipnis and started the treatment. After about 2 months my pain and attacks were gone. My experience has been a positive one so far. Thank You.

    - N. A.

  • My health became so much better! The pain in my leg that constantly bothered me completely disappeared. I became more patient and calm. One month of treatment is like a real miracle.

    - L. P.

  • Your office is like a treasure chest of miracles, because here they really know how treat one, not only with great professionalism, but also with a warm heart.

    - A. V.

American Academy of Antiaging Medicine American Naprapathic Association Institute of Functional Medicine National Association of Nutrition Professionals National College of Naprapathic Medicine
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